Guest Chef-ing at KHANA COMMUNE

Zina Alam runs the first secret supperclub in Singapore. Khana Commune. A charming gathering of strangers and friends at her home on the island. An ancient restaurant concept getting new life in the fashionable streets of Paris, New York and London, it seems appropriate that it should be Zina serving it up with style in this Asian hotspot.

I have known Zina since days running riot as six year olds in Primary School. The past twenty odd years has seen us streak individual paths across university days in London, global shenanigans across continents and fragrant nights under dessert(Edit:desert) skies. I dont know what it is; maybe it is those years in farmer’s markets examining the perfect quince, a handful of saffron at a Moroccan spice market, the growing up days in food crazy Singapore but it leaves one with a fine tuned appetite for good taste and appreciation of quality ingredients- both in life and cooking.

Khana Commune is a distillation of the influences and inspirations from those experiences and shape Zina’s kitchen creations. It is a fusion of her past and present on a plate, the essence of a cosmopolitan woman with a love of gathering people together. The once a month nights are filled with sparkling conversations and exciting, exotic cuisine. Read more here. It is all about a commitment to great ingredients(internationally shipped, if need be) and good cooking.

So it is with deep pleasure that I guest chef for the dinner on March 19. I will be contributing my beloved Beautiful and the Damned Beetroot w Whipped Feta Creme and a surprise dessert course into the mix. Check out the menu for the night. The dessert, a deconstruction of an South East Asian classic promises to marry Eastern flavours with Western techniques. As I head off to Zina’s place for the prep, I got to say, I am crazy excited! Looking forward y’all x


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